Our mission

Who we are:

From carriage to space travel

Through four moving generations, we developed from a blacksmith and cartwright to the first horse-drawn wagon with pneumatic tyres, to a leading company whose competence and knowledge are recognised worldwide.

We forge the iron before it gets hot!

What we do:

Made-to-measure work with a future

Our continual customer focus and our decades-long experience makes us a strong and reliable partner.

As specialists in our field, we offer our clients first-class and high-value products, which are tailored to their needs, to not only fulfill their requirements, wishes and expectations, but to exceed them.

Our solutions stand out due to individual and precise conception, with comprehensive and personal consultation and on-time delivery. Because we are only satisfied when our customers are satisfied.

We create mobile solutions for the future!

How we work:

Our principles

To enjoy and succeed at what we do, we abide by the following principles, which serve as a guideline for our daily work:

  • We esteem and respect each other
  • We cherish the value of individual personalities
  • We recognize and acknowledge the accomplishment of every person
  • We trust in information, cooperation and qualification
  • We resolve problems together and think in solutions
  • We encourage individual abilities, skills and talents
  • We support each other on the development of ideas
  • We achieve success and results through teamwork
  • We realize visions through personal commitment
  • We work with pleasure and conviction
  • We are committed to full implementation of our obligations under existing international agreements created to combat corruption

We see this as point of honor!

Gföllner moves....

For more than 100 years

For more than 100 years, we have been moving people, goods and even ourselves. This mobility is the firm foundation of our flexibility, the engine of our advancement and the driving force of our innovation. Because this is the only way to get things moving and change them together.

Let us move you too!

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