Container Technology

Gföllner containers

Although we and our customers still call them containers, the modules that we construct, build, and install correspond to increasingly complex machines or buildings.

And that is also our claim: no matter what the application looks like, we have the right solution for almost all applications when it comes to installing systems and equipment under standard industrial conditions, testing it and then taking it to the place of use.

We are happy to support you with your projects, whether this is in the area of power station technology, plant manufacturing, or setting up fixed and temporary modular buildings, and regardless of whether the system is set up at the arctic circle or the equator.



Roman Predl
Head of Sales (CSO)
+43 664 83 52 212

Your Container Team

Christine BaumgartnerFranz ZehetnerSonja SchambergerSonja SchambergerEva Schiemer
Christine BaumgartnerFranz ZehetnerSonja SchambergerFlorian SchwentnerEva Schiemer
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