Mobile containers

Mobile containers for all your needs

The site trailer consists of a trailer vehicle frame with a container structure made from layered boards on top.

On building sites, trailers serve as mobile accommodation, changing rooms, break rooms, social rooms and tool storage spaces for the site workers employed there.

The trailer is very economical for small and mobile sites as it can be used in a flexible manner. Trailers will always be able to stand their ground in places where the costly supply/collection of a container would not be profitable.

Trailers are constructed for transport by lorries, tractors or construction site machinery, depending on the customer requirement.

Available as:

  • Low-speed runner (up to 25 km/h) with overrun brake
    • 1 axis or 2 axes
  • Fast-runner (up to 100 km/h) with compressed air brake
    • 1 axis or 2 axes

Equipment versions:

  • Vehicle chassis as fast-runner or low-speed runner
  • Drawbar with fixed towing eye
  • 2 cabled compressed air braking system with trailer brake valve
  • Mechanical parking brake (spindle brake)
  • Leaf suspension
  • Storage boxes (tool boxes) under side member
  • Parking supports (4 units)
  • Support wheel with crank handle
  • Bracket for front-facing attachment of a gas cylinder box
  • Bracket for attachable steps
  • 24-volt electrical installation in accordance with EC regulations
  • Complete with type identification and vehicle inspection testing

Dimensions / structure:

  • Interior length approx. 4,000 mm
  • Interior width approx. 2,310 mm
  • Interior height approx. 2,300 mm

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