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We have renewed, changed and improved a great deal. But one thing has remained the same: the creativity, the dedication and passion of our employees, who show day in day out that the industrial location of Upper Austria is successful all over the world.

The new HIAB IQ 1188 loading crane – the largest HIAB crane!

The new HIAB IQ 1188 loading crane - the largest HIAB crane!
The HIAB IQ 1188 is the first in this series. At 110 meter tonnes, however, it is no larger than a 90 meter tonne crane and designed for a 4-axle truck.

Important technical features:
- New control system "SPACEevo" - precise operation even at high speeds
- Remote control using CombiDrive 4 with longer battery life
- Larger color screen for more information and haptic feedback (vibrations)
- Speed and crane response can be personalized
- New safety function "Confirm View" - Detection of the operator's position in relation to the support legs. The support legs are only extended when the operator has them in view.
- Stabilization program "DLC-S" - Simulation of the stabilization capacity of the crane with extended support legs and in certain positions by means of remote control
- Delivery with integrated connectivity - Access to "HIAB HiConnect"

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We were allowed to equip Rosenbauer with a tandem box trailer with a tail lift. The sandwich box structure with a foam core and aluminum sheet cover layers is mainly used to transport roll containers that can be easily loaded via the tail lift, as this contains an anti-roll device.

We thank you for your trust and wish you a safe journey.

2-axle container tipping trailer

Rapid waste disposal is made possible for Baier from Ardagger Stift with the additional 2-axle container tipping trailer. The tipping trailer is equipped with an infinitely length-adjustable and pneumatically lowering and locking drawbar to set up the loading of the roll-off container on the tipping frame. The hydraulic tipping press enables backward tipping, and an additional hydraulic safeguard prevents the container from sliding forward.

We thank you for your trust and wish you a safe journey.

Platform construction with front crane and 4-axle low loader platform trailer

For the company Kellerer GmbH from Anthering we were recently able to realize a complete train consisting of a 4-axle Volvo with a platform structure including a front crane and a 4-axle low loader platform trailer. In addition to the side supports, the double front support ensures good stability at all times. The pneumatically extendable rear pull-out enables the transport of up to a 20‘‘ container. The long goods support, which can be pneumatically extended and locked, also offers additional load securing.

The entire train is completed with the 4-axle low loader trailer. The following features speak for the Gföllner quality product:

  • Off-road version (2 + 2)
  • Outer frame with straight edge and perforation, lashing point 2,500 daN
  • Various load securing (stake pockets for FR stanchions 80x80 mm, 10.0 to lashing rings, ...)
  • excavator bucket recess
  • Last axle self-steering
  • Steel ramps
  • Various tool boxes / storage space

We thank you for the order and wish you a good trip at all times!

Vehicle fleet expanted

In order to be able to supply the whole world even better from the Hausruckviertel, the biomass boiler specialist ETA is relying on innovative solutions to expand its vehicle fleet. With the new sliding tarpaulin structure with tail lift and various load securing devices, the company is ideally equipped for a wide variety of boiler transports.

We thank you for the trust and wish you an accident-free journey!

Ready for transportation

On a 2-axle Sprinter, we manufactured a lightweight towing structure for the car dealer Daxl Gottfried GesmbH & Co KG. The car transporter that will be used in the future is equipped with a cable winch and aluminum loading rails, which can be stored in the slide-in compartment in the middle of the plank floor ramp.

We thank you for the order and wish you a good trip at all times!

Platform construction with front crane HIAB X-HiPro 232 ES-6

We were once again able to deliver a special platform structure with a HIAB X-HiPro 232 ES-6 front crane to our long-standing customer, Energie AG Upper Austria.
The additional support leg in front of the driver's cab guarantees good stability even in difficult terrain for every application. In addition, practically 100% crane capacity is also possible in the front area! All support leg functions can be controlled via the crane radio remote control. A steel mast support for the transport of wooden and concrete masts with a total weight of up to 4,000 kg is attached to the front and rear walls, as well as a strap for attaching the wood tongs to the rear mast support when the crane is down.

We wish you accident-free assignments!

Mobile video wall

Mobile Videowall

We were able to carry out a very special project for Ton & Bild Medientechnik GmbH – a mobile video wall. The video wall with a hydraulic lifting mast was mounted on a rotating device on the tandem chassis. A coupling of the two walls is possible by a 180° turn after the first wall has been raised. The fixed roof and a tarpaulin cover provide optimal protection during transport. All aluminum and storage boxes are integrated in the cladding and are used to stow various controls.


This ist the motto of the transport company Baker from Gars am Kamp. These quality features are also reflected in the 2-axle low-loader semitrailer that we were allowed to manufacture for the company. With the 4 meter extendable version and the versatile load securing, the hydraulically steered semitrailer is ready for use for various transports.

We thank you for the trust and wish you a safe journey.