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We have renewed, changed and improved a great deal. But one thing has remained the same: the creativity, the dedication and passion of our employees, who show day in day out that the industrial location of Upper Austria is successful all over the world.


This ist the motto of the transport company Baker from Gars am Kamp. These quality features are also reflected in the 2-axle low-loader semitrailer that we were allowed to manufacture for the company. With the 4 meter extendable version and the versatile load securing, the hydraulically steered semitrailer is ready for use for various transports.

We thank you for the trust and wish you a safe journey.

Crane-hookloader combination

For the company Manuel Weinacht from Ebensee we were allowed to realize this great crane-hookloader-combination with a JONSERED 1250Z93 and MULTILIFT Ultima 21S51 on a Scania S520. As a special feature, alongside other detailed solutions, a compact overall unit was created through the installation of a hydraulically elevating high seat.

Further equipment details:

  • Hydraulics for crane and hookloader designed for load sensing (variable pump)
  • hydraulically elevating high seat
  • etc

We thank you for the trust and wish you a good trip at all times!

Platform structure with Cargo Floor moving floor

We were allowed to equip a platform structure with a Cargo Floor moving floor. The company Eibl from Adnet welcomes this transport system, as it is used for the automatic horizontal loading and unloading of almost all bulk products, pallets, etc. (without tipping!). Perfectly suited for a company in the hay and straw trade, as photos from practice show us.

We thank you for the trust

Satisfied costumers

We are always very blessed, when satisfied cosumers send us pictures from their trailers in use. Such one is the company Hörmanseder, to which we were allowed to deliver a tandem-platform-trailer in April. The pull rod can be extended 3.500 mm, in this case a transport with 12,5 meter long precast element can be made according to regulations.

We hope you continue to enjoy our GFÖLLNER-trailer.

2 Mobile brake testers handed over

For the office of the Lower Austria provincial government and the office of the Upper Austria provincial government, we were allowed to manufacture and officially hand over a mobile brake tester. The two mobile test centers have been in use since the of June and are designed for driving over commercial vehicles with a 20-tonne axle load to check the roadworthiness of vehicles

Truck body – Crane – Trailer

We were allowed to deliver four Gföllner trailer trains to the company Weyland GmbH. This consists of a platform structure with a rear crane of the type Hiab X-HiPro 232 E-4 and a 2-axle jumbo platform trailer.

We thank you for the trust and wish you a safe journey.

Special construction for fish transport

For the company Glück Fischzucht GmbH we were allowed to deliver a two-axle trailer chassis to accomodate a plastic tank.
We build up the „mobile fish tank“ also as a truck body and with a tandem-trailer-chassis.

We thank you for the trust and wish you a safe journey.

Attached in all areas

Of a multitude of appealing solutions in container transport & disposal for vehicle trailers, to plateau-constructions for the widest range of requirements in terms of goods and mobility, up to canvas and tarpaulins, or the right semitrailer to transport heavy equipment, we offer you extensive advice.

That means that all of your wishes are incorporated into the development of our products. We can get right to the heart of individual solutions thanks to our years of experience in automotive manufacturing.

Our specialist advisor Günther Wetzlmair will be happy to provide you with information at any time

Günther Wetzlmair
Sales Trailers
+43 7248 62794 135

The specialist for pool transport

The services of the transport company Mati-Trans include the areas of construction-, event-, special- and pool transport. We expandet the vehicle fleet with a 1-axle-low-bed semi-trailer. We worked together on a variable solution for a wide variety of pool tranports, which is now implemented on the hydraulically steered semi-trailer with flexible load securing, the pull-out side frame and the storage boxes on the crank and above the rear axle.

We thank you for your trust and wish you a safe journey.