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We have renewed, changed and improved a great deal. But one thing has remained the same: the creativity, the dedication and passion of our employees, who show day in day out that the industrial location of Upper Austria is successful all over the world.

4-axle low-loader trailer

We were recently able to manufacture a 4-axle low-loader trailer for the Gfrerer company from Pfarrwerfen. Due to the offset on the front plateau and the bevel at the back, this is ideally suited for construction machinery transport.

Other features that speak for the Gföllner quality product:

  • Various load securing (stanchion pockets in the outer frame, 10,000 daN lashing points, stanchion pocket cross members over the entire width, excavator bucket recess...)
  • Last axle self-steering
  • Steel ramps with spring lifting mechanism and Hardox climbing bars
  • Overwidth equipment
  • Exterior frame painting
  • LED flasher
  • Various storage options (storage box on the front plateau, stainless steel tool boxes)

We thank you for the order and wish you a safe journey at all times!

2-axle platform trailer

We were allowed to manufacture a 2-axle platform trailer for Haitzmann Transporte GmbH from Kleinarl. The trailer is also equipped with extra-wide equipment, a 2-wing rear wall (can be folded 270°), abrasion protection using smooth aluminum sheeting on the inside of the side walls, a spare wheel holder on the front wall, old-school lighting and much more fitted.

We thank you for the trust and wish you an accident-free journey.

Front crane HIAB X-HiPro 1058 E-8 + JIB 150 X-6, ballast platform and 3-axle low-loader semi-trailer

For the company Holzbau Winkler GmbH from Wieselburg, we were recently able to implement a complete combination consisting of a 4-axle MAN with a ballast platform including a front crane and a 3-axle low-loader semi-trailer. The double front support with frame reinforcement right up to the front guarantees good stability at all times in addition to the lateral swivel supports.

The 3-axle low-loader semi-trailer completes the Gföllner quality product - the following features speak for it:

  • Extendable by up to 4,000 mm
  • 2nd and 3rd axle forced steering
  • Tridec steering – manual steering with radio remote control
  • Sloping side frame with perforation
  • Various load securing (stanchion pocket rails for FR stanchions 80/80 mm, container locking with twist lock, ...)
  • Aluminum tool boxes
  • Long goods board with LED light
  • Extra-wide equipment extendable to 3,500 mm

We thank you for the trust and wish you an accident-free journey.

2-axle platform trailer for special transport

We were recently able to realize a 2-axle platform trailer for the company Neumayr from Piesendorf for their various transports (including hay and cattle transport). So that the animals can be loaded, pivoting and foldable aluminum shoring beams together with uprights that can be set up were attached to the cattle ramp at the end of the plateau, which serve as handrails.

Other features that speak for the Gföllner quality product:

  • Hydraulically foldable tailgate
  • Additional insertable side walls (for max. 1,000 kg live weight)
  • Swiveling aluminum locking bar in the middle of the platform including fixation
  • Ladder on the outside of the front wall including a ladder on the drawbar
  • Aluminum checker plate cover on the “A” part of the drawbar as a pedestal
  • Kinnegrip stand, foldable and removable, micro-galvanized
  • Rear wall retaining chains in 90° position • Stainless steel tool boxes
  • Various load securing (lashing rings, shovel and broom holders,...)

We wish you a lot of joy and always a safe trip!

Plateau construction with front crane HIAB X-HiPro 418 EP-5

In cooperation with HIAB Austria, we were able to realize a plateau construction for the Porr company, including a HIAB X-HiPro 418 EP-5 front crane. The additional support leg carrier and the front support with two cylinders ensure a safe stand at all times.

Other features:

  • Load securing by means of 5.0 to lashing rings built into the outer frame, twist-lock container locks, stake pockets
  • Form tubes that can be pulled out in the end plate at the rear as a support for the 90° open rear wall
  • Stainless steel tool boxes
  • Aluminum ladder with bracket
  • Long goods storage on the bulkhead
  • Support for long items that can be plugged into the stake pockets at the back
  • Protective cab grille

We thank you for the order and wish you a safe journey at all times!

Reliable. Flexible. For sure.

...that's the motto of the company Johann Luger from Ferschnitz. Accordingly, we were allowed to equip them with a complete train consisting of a truck with a sliding tarpaulin body including tail lift and a 2-axle trailer with sliding tarpaulin.

Through the adjustment of the truck-side tail lift and the 2-wing doors in the trailer front portal, as well as the installation of a ramp plate, through-loading is possible directly onto the trailer.

We thank you for the orders and wish you a safe journey at all times!

Working for environmental protection

We were able to realize a Multilift Futura 18 skiploader for the waste disposal company Rier from Lofer, which was mounted on a 3-axle Volvo FM 62 TR 6x2.

Technical features:

  • Front wall tank integrated in the driver's cab protection
  • Control system FlexControls with external control FLOC and radio control FLRC
  • Turbo switching for quick setting down of empty skips

We wish you a lot of fun and accident-free assignments!

Tandem low loader platform trailer

For Ettinger Otto Transporte, we were allowed to manufacture a tandem low-loader platform trailer including two-part ALU drive-on ramps with a spring hoist. The mechanically movable ramps are equipped with a screwed-on rubber coating on the entire surface. The mechanical ramp securing by means of locks on both sides of the corner posts and the tension locks for securing the foldable ramp tips ensure safe transport.
Further features of the Gföllner quality product:

  • Perforated side frame with angled edge, lashing point 2,500 daN
  • Extra-wide panels - Position lights in the front wall - LED flashers
  • Various load securing (stake pockets for FR stanchions 80x80 mm, 5.0 to lashing rings, container locking Twist-Lock, retractable with clamping nut, ...)
  • Various supports (gear support winch at the front, mechanical drop supports at the rear)
  • Tool boxes

We wish you a lot of fun and always a good trip!

Platform structure including front crane

For the company Exklusiv Bau from Vienna, in cooperation with HIAB Austria, we were able to implement a plateau structure including an EFFER 855 8S JIB 6S front crane. With the double front support (reinforced to 25 tons load capacity) and the side supports, a safe stand is guaranteed at all times. Thanks to the adapted front wall, the crane can be placed in an optimal position at the rear on the plateau.

Further equipment and design features:

  • Pallet fork holder can be pushed into the front support at the rear
  • Sheet steel floor, smoothly galvanized, riveted and chamfered at the top
  • Load securing by means of lashing bars, lashing rings 2,500 daN, container locking for 20ft. Container
  • Aluminum tool boxes with coated surface, adapted to Scania plastic parts
  • Outer frame, corner and middle posts painted in RAL 9005
  • Shovel & broom holder
  • Ladder holder including 2.5m ladder

We thank you for the order and wish you a good trip at all times!