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A local success story: Weinmann customers find new partner for refrigerated vehicles at Gföllner Fahrzeugbau

We at Gföllner are delighted about an exciting development in our company: We have acquired the customer base of Weinmann Kühlfahrzeuge in Alkoven. This expansion of our business area is not only a milestone for us, but also strengthens the local economy. We offer companies in our region customised solutions for their refrigerated vehicle needs and thus contribute to their success.
As a long-standing specialist in customised vehicle solutions, we are expanding our range to include a variety of refrigerated vehicles and refrigerated boxes. From truck bodies and loading cranes to custom-built refrigerated boxes, our range is a testament to our flexibility in meeting our customers' specific requirements. We pride ourselves on continuing to provide our customers with first-class service and quality. This includes not only customised vehicle solutions, but also a dedicated repair service and fast deliveries.

First delivery remains in the region
One of our recent top accomplishments was delivering the custom 2-wheel refrigerated box for Schoberleitner Obst & Gemüse in Eferding. This project exemplifies our innovative strength, and dedication to satisfying customers. Our customized solution showcases our ability to meet individual requests and offer the best possible outcome.

Shaping the future together with our customers

This new development not only secures the future of our customers, but also opens up new opportunities for local companies in our region. We look forward to shaping the future of refrigerated vehicle construction together with you. If you have any questions, suggestions or special requests, please do not hesitate to contact us.

For specialised advice on our refrigerated boxes and other vehicle construction solutions, please contact our expert
Andreas Kurzbauer |

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