Vehicle production

Front crane HIAB X-HiPro 1058 E-8 + JIB 150 X-6, ballast platform and 3-axle low-loader semi-trailer

For the company Holzbau Winkler GmbH from Wieselburg, we were recently able to implement a complete combination consisting of a 4-axle MAN with a ballast platform including a front crane and a 3-axle low-loader semi-trailer. The double front support with frame reinforcement right up to the front guarantees good stability at all times in addition to the lateral swivel supports.

The 3-axle low-loader semi-trailer completes the Gföllner quality product - the following features speak for it:

  • Extendable by up to 4,000 mm
  • 2nd and 3rd axle forced steering
  • Tridec steering – manual steering with radio remote control
  • Sloping side frame with perforation
  • Various load securing (stanchion pocket rails for FR stanchions 80/80 mm, container locking with twist lock, ...)
  • Aluminum tool boxes
  • Long goods board with LED light
  • Extra-wide equipment extendable to 3,500 mm

We thank you for the trust and wish you an accident-free journey.

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