Vehicle production

Tandem low loader platform trailer

For Ettinger Otto Transporte, we were allowed to manufacture a tandem low-loader platform trailer including two-part ALU drive-on ramps with a spring hoist. The mechanically movable ramps are equipped with a screwed-on rubber coating on the entire surface. The mechanical ramp securing by means of locks on both sides of the corner posts and the tension locks for securing the foldable ramp tips ensure safe transport.
Further features of the Gföllner quality product:

  • Perforated side frame with angled edge, lashing point 2,500 daN
  • Extra-wide panels - Position lights in the front wall - LED flashers
  • Various load securing (stake pockets for FR stanchions 80x80 mm, 5.0 to lashing rings, container locking Twist-Lock, retractable with clamping nut, ...)
  • Various supports (gear support winch at the front, mechanical drop supports at the rear)
  • Tool boxes

We wish you a lot of fun and always a good trip!

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