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Review in-house exhibition 2019

With mostly nice weather and only very few downpours, we were pleased to welcome many visitors to our in-house exhibition 2019. In addition to numerous Gföllner bodies and special vehicles, visitors could also view the successful Gföllner container trailers.

We also showed a few outstanding examples of our crane superstructures such as the HIAB XHiPro 858E-7 by Grill Transporte. The HIAB HiVision wooden crane controlled by VR glasses was available to be tested on the simulator and on the demonstration vehicle. How easy it looks, Michael Streinesberger,  a professional driver, showed us with his own HiVision model in many demonstrations.

Many thanks to all the customers who put their vehicles at our disposal for the exhibition. A special thanks to Hubert Grill and Michael Streinesberger for the interesting demonstrations.

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