Our Christmas party 2019

Once again we have transformed one of our production halls for our Christmas party into a festival hall. We started the official part at 12 noon with a review of our successful year 2019.

On the 25th anniversary of the company, we congratulated Mr. Helmut Hagn, Mr. Rudolf Pointinger and Mr. Franz Zehetner. We were pleased to announce that Mr. Gerhard Hager, Mr. Stefan Strasser and Mr. Franz Wiesner have been in the Gföllner team for 35 years - we congratulate and thank you very much.

In 2019, Mr. August Ennsfellner after 46 years of service, Mr. Gottfried Kindlinger after 45 years of service and Mr. Gerhard Hager after 35 years of service have left for retirement and we also wanted to say thank you for all what you've done for us.

In the course of our suggestion system for improvements at Gföllner (VWG), we awarded the best 5 suggestions with EUR 1,000 each. This year, the best suggestions came from: Helmut Hagn, Andreas Ganglmayr, Rainer Mayr, Gottfried Maier and Rene Pointinger - we thank you for the excellent suggestions and congratulations on the award.

And just like at work, we all showed a lot of joy and endurance at the party...