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Vehicle handover to the Hauer GmbH

Vehicle handover to Hauer GmbH

For company Hauer GmbH in St. Marienkirchen near Schärding, we were able to put a generous and sturdy platform and a Hiab X HiDuo 188 E-6 on a MAN. On the day of handover, it was not only the vehicle that was white but Mother Holle was also very busy.


Basic information:

  • Truck platform with rear crane Hiab X HiDuo 188 E-6
  • 3-axle truck MAN TGS 26.360 6x2-2 BL
  • 40 mm tipping aluminum sidewalls, 800 mm high, with dropside lifting aid
  • 5 mm steel sheet bottom, smooth, galvanized

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