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We have renewed, changed and improved a great deal. But one thing has remained the same: the creativity, the dedication and passion of our employees, who show day in day out that the industrial location of Upper Austria is successful all over the world.

The Gföllner curling competition 2019

Also this year we could use the short cold period for a traditional company curling competition. Only wooden ice-sticks were allowed and the teams were determined by lot. After a hard but fair competition the winners were announced at the subsequent celebration afterwards.

We congratulate quite cordially!

New skiploader for waste disposal specialists

Beginning of February, we handed over a new skiploader with following data to disposal service specialists Georg Mayerhofer GmbH & CoKG situated in Oberndorf near Salzburg:

Truck: 2 axle truck DAF LF 320 FA
Construction: skiploader Multilift FUTURA 12
Equipment: skiploader with Multilift FlexControls radio control (FLRC)
Load securing: Hydraulic side and rear container lock (HSSM & HCLR)
Color: special color RAL 3000

We wish a lot of success and a safe ride with the new device!

A Clean and excellent job

End of January, we were able to hand over 5 trucks and 3 trailers with box body and tail lift to company Wozabal Miettex GmbH, our workwear supplier.
The superstructures with new lettering design were designed as through-loading trains so that the trailer can be loaded through the tailgate platform of the truck.
Therefore the tongue of the trailer is adjustable to ensure the ideal distance to the truck for driving or through-loading.
The cargo room is equipped with a dividing wall for the hygiene separation of clean and unclean goods including load securing.
In our view a very "clean" job 🙂 .

Our customer is thinking of tomorrow!

For our long-standing partner, Energie AG OÖ, we were able to build a special platform structure with front crane HIAB X-HiPro 192 E-6 on a MAN 18.320 with Tiger front winch and a special outrigger.

The vehicle is certified for concrete mast and cable drum transports and equipped with individually adapted aluminum storage boxes.

The Tiger front winch can be operated via the HIAB remote control.

The outrigger of the winch is integrated in the HIAB stability monitoring system VSL and enables on the one hand stabilization of the vehicle in the work basket application and on the other hand almost 100% crane capacity in the front.

We wish you a lot of fun and accident-free missions!

The fast solution

At our long-term partner Trumpf, whose first-class machines are also in use at Gföllner, we were able to expand an office container system by one floor.

Office containers are in many cases the ideal solution. It may be that an alternative accommodation is needed or a project-specific team is formed. But the most common requirement we get is: “We need more space and that as fast as possible”.

More information about: "Container renting & Mobile spaces" - solutions

Mobile switchgear E-house for power station canton Zürich

Temporary 24 kV switchgear for EKZ

A novelty for EKZ: high efficient conversions with a mobile switchgear!

The new EKZ module was delivered to the Duebendorf substation. It includes a 24kV switchgear with control and protection equipment and a station control system. The first mission for the module is the substation in Duebendorf. The module is located next to the substation building and replaces the medium-voltage system as a temporary solution for 18 months. The entire system in the building can be de-energized and the approximately 40-year-old switchgear can be replaced easily. Further use for this mobile solution is already planned.

Key data:
24 kV switchgear with 9 cubicles
Field of application of the module is within in the EKZ grid (slightly larger than the Kt. Zürich)
Maximum power to be transmitted: 40 MW

And our partner EKZ comments:

„EKZ: Simple, reliable and future-oriented!"

"As a co-designer of the energy supply of the future, we support our customers in their energy world: with 100 percent renewable energy, one of the lowest electricity prices in Switzerland and solutions for the future. We are one of the largest energy providers in Switzerland and supply electricity to nearly one million people. Our 1,400 employees engage in versatile energy solutions for homeowners and tenants, small to large companies and other Swiss energy suppliers. Our power grid comprises approximately 15,000 kilometers and with the availability of 99.997 percent is far above average.“

Vehicle handover to the Hauer GmbH

Vehicle handover to the Hauer GmbH

For company Hauer GmbH in St. Marienkirchen near Schärding, we were able to put a generous and sturdy platform and a Hiab X HiDuo 188 E-6 on a MAN. On the day of handover, not only the vehicle was white, Mother Holle was also very busy (heavy snowfall).


Basic information:

  • Truck platform with rear crane Hiab X HiDuo 188 E-6
  • 3-axle truck MAN TGS 26.360 6x2-2 BL
  • 40 mm tipping aluminum sidewalls, 800 mm high, with dropside lifting aid
  • 5 mm steel sheet bottom, smooth, galvanized

Vehicle handover to the municipality of Grieskirchen

Just in time before the onset of winter, we were allowed to hand over a new three-way tipper body to the municipality of Grieskirchen. The vehicle, a Renault Truck C430 was additionally equipped with a HIAB crane X-HiPro 142 E4 and a spreader mount for winter service.

We wish the maintenance team a safe use and a lot of fun with the new vehicle!

Vehicle handover to VA Erzberg GmbH

We were recently able to deliver a highly flexible and all-terrain service truck to VA Erzberg GmbH. The MAN TGS 33.420 6x6 BB is a perfect mobile workshop with a heated box body.

The autonomous service car is equipped with many extras, such as: diesel generator, compressor, steam jet, bottle battery and a grease gun. An ambient lighting is permanently installed and also a pneumatic extendable light pole is available.

The refueling system between cab and box body consists of six standing tanks with refueling hose and is as complete unit removable.

We wish the service team a lot of fun and safe use of this high-tech device!

Our christmas party 2018

Once again we have transformed one of our production halls for the Christmas party into a festival hall. We started at 12:00 a.m. the official part with a review of the successful year 2018.

This time our congratulations went to Mr. Andreas Mallinger, Mr. Thomas Peer and Mr. Gerald Schützenberger for their 25th employment anniversary.

We were very pleased that Mr. August Ennsfellner has been a valued colleague of the Gföllner team for 45 years - we congratulate you sincerely.

In 2018 Mr. Johannes Obwaller after 45 years of service, Franz Anzengruber after 41 years of service and Mr. Franz Eigl after 26 years of service have left to go into retirement and we also wanted to say thank you for all what you have done for us.

In the course of our suggestion system for improvements at Gföllner (VWG), we have awarded the best 5 proposals with EUR 1.000, - each. The best process improvement proposals came from: Martin Kutsmann, Günther Grillneder, Thomas Stockinger, Mario Keimelmaier and Wilfried Steiner - we would like to thank you for the excellent suggestions and like to congratulate.

And as well as at work, we all showed a lot of joy and endurance at the party...