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We have renewed, changed and improved a great deal. But one thing has remained the same: the creativity, the dedication and passion of our employees, who show day in day out that the industrial location of Upper Austria is successful all over the world.

Let’s go – we are starting to build plant 4

End of October the construction work of plant 4 starts. The existing areal will be extended by approx. 3 ha in west direction. The production area will be enlarged by about 10,000 sqm to a total area of 35,000 sqm.

An additional office building with about 1,500 sqm offers plenty of space for creative and high-quality work.

Especially the crane services, container assembly, container rental service and automated manufacturing processes will be enlarged with this plant extension.

Completion of the new plant is planned for September 2020.

Flight around the construction project

Handover of the new mobile testing device TUK 4 to ASFINAG Austria

This summer we were once again allowed to hand over a trailer based test device to ASFINAG Austria. This mobile test center ensures more safety on Austrian roads and checks the roadworthiness of vehicles.

The test equipment was delivered by our longtime partner Supanz.

For an optimal test procedure, the axle clearance tester can be set up separately from the brake test bench with a crawler chassis.

The cycle of nature

We were recently able to deliver for the compost and soil specialist Huemer Kompost GmbH a Scania R560 6x4NB with a FUTURA 18 Multilift including a Skip Top 2.0 covering system.

With special color RAL6018, the FlexControls radio control (FLRC) and the hydraulic container locking system a successful operation is secured.

Machacek, Energy in motion

To keep the energy of our partner in motion, we delivered a Mercedes Arocs 2643 6x4 to Machacek in June 2019. The vehicle was equipped with a front crane, a curtainsider construction including sliding roof openable on both sides, a lifting roof and a tail lift BC 2000S4 from Bär.
The vehicle can be loaded and unloaded from all sides, from above with the crane, at the side with the forklift and the rear loading takes place via the tail lift.
With the lifting roof, the interior height for the load can be fully utilized without damaging the structure.

Review in-house exhibition 2019

With mostly nice weather and only very few downpours, we were pleased to welcome many visitors to our in-house exhibition 2019. In addition to numerous Gföllner bodies and special vehicles, there were also the successful Gföllner container trailers to be watched.

Even at the crane superstructures, there were a few outstanding examples such as the HIAB XHiPro 858E-7 of the company Grill Transporte. The HIAB HiVision wooden crane controlled by VR glasses could be tested on the simulator and on the demonstration vehicle. How easy it looks, Michael Streinsberger,  a professional driver, showed us with his own HiVision model in many demonstrations.

Many thanks to all the customers who put their vehicles at our disposal for the exhibition. A special thanks to Hubert Grill and Michael Streinesberger for the interesting demonstrations.

The Gföllner curling competition 2019

Also this year we could use the short cold period for a traditional company curling competition. Only wooden ice-sticks were allowed and the teams were determined by lot. After a hard but fair competition the winners were announced at the subsequent celebration afterwards.

We congratulate quite cordially!

New skiploader for waste disposal specialists

Beginning of February, we handed over a new skiploader with following data to disposal service specialists Georg Mayerhofer GmbH & CoKG situated in Oberndorf near Salzburg:

Truck: 2 axle truck DAF LF 320 FA
Construction: skiploader Multilift FUTURA 12
Equipment: skiploader with Multilift FlexControls radio control (FLRC)
Load securing: Hydraulic side and rear container lock (HSSM & HCLR)
Color: special color RAL 3000

We wish a lot of success and a safe ride with the new device!

A Clean and excellent job

End of January, we were able to hand over 5 trucks and 3 trailers with box body and tail lift to company Wozabal Miettex GmbH, our workwear supplier.
The superstructures with new lettering design were designed as through-loading trains so that the trailer can be loaded through the tailgate platform of the truck.
Therefore the tongue of the trailer is adjustable to ensure the ideal distance to the truck for driving or through-loading.
The cargo room is equipped with a dividing wall for the hygiene separation of clean and unclean goods including load securing.
In our view a very "clean" job 🙂 .

Our customer is thinking of tomorrow!

For our long-standing partner, Energie AG OÖ, we were able to build a special platform structure with front crane HIAB X-HiPro 192 E-6 on a MAN 18.320 with Tiger front winch and a special outrigger.

The vehicle is certified for concrete mast and cable drum transports and equipped with individually adapted aluminum storage boxes.

The Tiger front winch can be operated via the HIAB remote control.

The outrigger of the winch is integrated in the HIAB stability monitoring system VSL and enables on the one hand stabilization of the vehicle in the work basket application and on the other hand almost 100% crane capacity in the front.

We wish you a lot of fun and accident-free missions!